I started out as an engineer, and over the years, have donned various roles product development and manufacturing and in corporate and manufacturing quality teams. I’m still an engineer at heart, always looking to find and solve problems, and more than ever, I have a curiosity about data and statistics. Not being a trained statistician, I am using R to teach myself statistical modeling and techniques like machine learning, while I spend most of my day working on automotive quality and problem solving. My core interests have changed as any constantly curious person’s would have – from aerospace engineering (which was what I did on my second job after dreaming about it for years), to fluid machinery and then on to trucks, off highway vehicles and now passenger cars, it has been interesting and fun. Nowadays I work at the crux between data, quality and product development – an exciting place to be in, in this age.

Some of you may find nothing ground breaking on my blog, because you already know the statistics and R I post about here, and have seen it all professionally. Yet others may find these posts interesting or otherwise relevant to your work with data or statistics. So, stay, read through my posts and enjoy yourself. Drop me a comment if you find something interesting or fun! 🙂

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