Onward to Strata+Hadoop World 2016, Singapore!


Strata + Hadoop World 2016 is happening next week, between December 5th and 8th in Singapore. I’m excited to be presenting at the conference on the subject of time series analysis for sensor data. More about my talk here.

One of my key focus areas during the last several months at The Data Team, where I am Senior Data Consultant, was to help our clients derive value from sensor data they have been collecting from their various field-deployed products.

I am equally excited to be able to be witness to the rapidly advancing areas of big data, data science and the Internet of Things, which are driving our world forward in new and bold ways.

Additionally, The Data Team ( On Twitter, @carpedata ) is featured in the Innovators’ Pavilion at this conference. Do drop me a line on Twitter at @rexplorations or on LinkedIn if you’re there and would like to connect professionally.

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